My pal informed me whenever unprotected sex she would have fun with drinking water and place sodium into the liquid


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  1. Non-pharmaceuticals
  2. Sheer and you will Modern Contraceptives
  3. Birth control Preference
  4. Condoms


People, particularly females, said using non-pharmaceuticals as the forms of contraceptives. Such female described the way they provides often put or been aware of h2o, sodium, and you will squatting just like the different contraceptives.

.. Yes, that’s what she told you (that she made use of liquids and you can sodium shortly after sex), and you may she is a healthcare beginner (hence credit credence compared to that approach). (Girls FGD)

In regards to the h2o, after you may take regarding 30 centiliters off liquids, in time the thing is this new pee. Over the years, you’ll see they (semen) on the pants. (Girls FGD)

Merely relax, after they (intercourse), an individual will be upwards, you simply look at the restroom so you’re able to squat to own thirty minutes try pressing it out as if you try peeing. Therefore observe that they (semen) is on its way from its very own without using contraceptives. You squat; after you squat, you force it when you’re seeking to push something that have force. Remain around (regarding the updates) to possess a half hour, the new sperm (semen) certainly will appear. (Women FGD)

Sheer and you will Modern Contraceptives

Lastly, professionals mentioned detachment, condoms, postinor (a familiar crisis contraception for the Nigeria), while the schedule approach because other styles out-of contraceptives. Both commonest forms of modern contraceptives among professionals was indeed condoms and you may emergency birth control pills whenever you are calendar and withdrawal actions was indeed the brand new two commonest different natural tips.

Birth control Preference

Even though users revealed various methods out of birth prevention, they showcased its choices to have detachment, safe several months (schedule strategy), and you will emergency contraceptives in the place of condoms. For example, student people reported that they generally had sex in place of condoms since the mate may no expanded want to consider sex in the event your people went searching for condoms right before intercourse.

In the event the anointing drops (intimate desire), make use of the fresh withdrawal method since your mate might no extended enter the feeling once you get back immediately following heading off to pick a great condom. (Men FGD).

Your own safe months, the latest sheer means it’s simply on the best way to know the menstrual cycle; whenever you are safe and whenever you are not safer. Thus, if the condom isn’t around, you’ll be able to use your safe months. (Lady FGD)

Including, health care team showcased this new preferential the means to access specific contraceptives by the its customers. As an example, a great pharmacist mentioned just how unmarried female preferred to make use of crisis contraceptives more than other forms of modern contraceptives.

Unmarried ones, kids, aren’t as well troubled from the contraceptives; he could be merely looking these types of basic-line ones to stop pregnancies. They won’t want people students at this time… Thus, they just choose the immediate of them including the levonorgestrel, the fresh new postinor (emergency contraceptives). They grab can they already know that he could be safe (Pharmacist step one)


In general, members (women and men) was indeed reluctant to use condoms. Condom are popular in the context of informal otherwise transactional sex in the place best dating apps for college students no hookup of a loyal and you will monogamous dating. Sometimes, ladies just who failed to trust the boyfriends manage put off to use condoms up until they certainly were both tested a variety of STIs.

When my personal boyfriend was in Port Harcourt, he told you the guy wished to do it brutal (have unprotected sex) and you will have the effect. “I told your for it evening ‘let’s explore an excellent condom and you will tomorrow we are able to check out the health as I am careful. We could look at the health and you can perform the necessary decide to try and you may following outcome is aside, we are able to would as opposed to condoms.” He decided and you may said no problem. (Girls FGD)

I have never utilized condoms before even though I was using my boyfriend for approximately 8 many years, and you will I have not received an infection…. However,, they are therefore mindful; the guy uses condoms with every almost every other girl. (Females FGD)

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