The relationships really does really up to Rui decides to be a cook after appointment this lady biological dad


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  1. Hina Tachibana [ ]
  2. Momo Kashiwabara [ ]
  3. Miu Ashihara [ ]

Rui’s step-brother after the mothers arranged an excellent remarriage, in the event one another have previously known one another immediately after the you to-evening stay, Rui personally shopping for your to ignore what happened. Its relatives can be a mixture of aunt-eg method. not once Rui consider more everything you from just how she seems regarding Natsuo, she still approved that she is in love with him.

Inside the advances regarding her industry are a cook, she grabbed his invitation for more information in the usa getting an effective 12 months. At the same time, Natsuo got build writer’s take off and failed to share with Rui, based on most other people exactly who she don’t discover. Effect harmful to not being able to assist and you will calculating all of her or him had been burdening both, Rui chose to separation just after much consider, turning its relationships to brother and you can sis. Still, she still cares significantly getting your.

Immediately after this lady awful weeks regarding performs and you can dropping the lady sense out of liking, she finally recognize how tough and terrifying try living to possess Natsuo, as he demands the woman most finally she regrets on her decision away from breakup that have him shedding inside anxiety and you may shame.

She returned including Natsuo as he concerned The fresh York to help the woman by way of the lady crude day. Soon just after, she discovered she is actually expecting having Natsuo’s kid. When you are there can be a fuss into the children, Natsuo is very delighted and you can made a decision to program matrimony.

Sadly, their pleasure and make a different sort of family members forest is ripped aside because of a crash out of a depressed ex boyfriend-author. Brand new experience brought about Hina to stay coma for years and into the basic check out, Rui learned that Hina got assisted Natsuo much, breaking the lady cardio and you may struggling to deal with by herself getting which have Natsuo any further. Immediately after certain persuading to help you Natsuo, they had made a decision to continue on their own while the couples, yet not wife and husband and you will increased proper care of its child, Haruka securely.

Hina Tachibana [ ]

She actually is Rui’s elder sister. Strong inside their dating, both jealousy their unique characters, that have Hina trying to find Rui’s attitude and you will the other way around. They respect one another and you may keep a particularly good thread as the siblings, and will also be on the line if an individual of those thought at the bottom.

Rui were to very first to know about Hina’s connection with Natsuo and initially allow them to feel in advance of she and Natsuo later became people. She actually ran much not to ever tell its most recent parents from the the relationships. However, Rui’s go out which have Natsuo throughout highschool offered more have a tendency to to possess Rui so you’re able to steal Natsuo regarding Hina, actually dare to say with the Hina that their relationships had no count since they’re unrelated from the bloodstream.

A year after Hina had split up that have Natsuo and Rui became their, Hina thought heartbroken but let it go rather. This did not impede their siblingship as while Rui was in problems, Hina are often assist to help you the girl and you may cherished her or him both voluntarily. Months after which have Rui been able to go homeward off United states of america, Hina felt envy that have Rui is pregnant.

Immediately after a fail from an ex-writer with the him or her lead Hina to be in coma for many years, Rui confident Hina to be which have Natsuo immediately following hearing each one of the woman action of course Rui wasn’t with Natsuo even with the short-term break up. Rui in a position to hit Hina’s question because of the stating if Hina remaining to the not wanting to wed Natsuo, following Rui carry out. Rui actually careful sufficient to aim for way of living individually and then make certain that Haruka, the woman dily stats once she’s going to mature.

Momo Kashiwabara [ ]

Momo is Rui’s twelfth grade companion and you may fellow former bar lover. The initial run into try an excellent you to definitely but filled up with contradictions on account of Momo’s determine in school because an excellent “whore”. Rui don’t admit the gossip, choosing that it was to the woman to determine if the she wished to waste time along with her; she is, however, surprised that have Momo’s acknowledgement of getting held it’s place in several dating. Momo very first unaware of Rui’s thoughts having Natsuo, but she cheered on her once Natsuo got decided to feel with Rui. First difficult, however, shortly after the woman junior pretty sure this lady, she cheered Rui greatest.

Miu Ashihara [ ]

Miu are Rui’s other clubmate and you will fellow 2nd 12 months. Rui very first idea of the lady due to the fact an opponent to your Natsuo, but Miu turned-out for a one-sided love for their pub coach and you will teacher, Reiji Kiriya.

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