Exchange 2013 CU9将于本月发布

微软本月16号将发布Exchange 2013 CU9,Exchange 2010 SP3 RU10以及Exchange 2007 SP3 RU17。CU9将包含一个重要的安全补丁MS15-064,这个补丁已于本月9号发布。官方建议即便您的Exchange 2013不升级至CU9,也至少把MS15-064的安全补丁打上,目前受影响的Ex2013版本包括:

ExchangeServer 2013 SP1 – vulnerable (patch released)

ExchangeServer 2013 CU5 – out of support

ExchangeServer 2013 CU6 – out of support

ExchangeServer 2013 CU7 – not vulnerable

ExchangeServer 2013 CU8 – vulnerable (patch released)

ExchangeServer 2013 CU9 – will include fix

Exchange 2013 CU9将包涵以下补丁集:

· KB 2023946FilterWebBeaconsAndHtmlForms ForceFilter still downloads web beacons

· KB 2983216Category setting on an item in Outlook jumps the selection to the top of thelist in an Exchange Server 2013 environment

· KB 2988660 Roleassignment with custom write scope fails in an Exchange Server 2013 environment

· KB 3003978 Emailmessages are displayed with incorrect format in Outlook in an Exchange Server2013 environment

· KB 3006849GSSAPI-based Kerberos authentication protocol is not offered to IMAP clients inExchange Server 2013

· KB 3009631Advanced Find against the Sent Items folder in Outlook returns no result inExchange Server 2013

· KB 3032153Recurring events in Calendar over DST are not adjusted on all ActiveSyncdevices in all Exchange Server environments

· KB 3040681MapiExceptionTimeout error during a hierarchy synchronization process ofmultiple public folders in Exchange Server 2013

· KB 3040683System WLM overrides do not work when you do on-premises installations inExchange Server 2013

· KB 3049081OwaDeepTestProbe fails on mailbox role intermittantly

· KB 3049771 OWAlogon page takes longer than expected to time-out in an Exchange Server 2013environment

· KB 3050825dgetransport is crashing when PriorityQueuingEnabled is set to true

· KB 3050877 SentAs mail not saved in delegated mailbox

· KB 3055940Cumulative Update installation fails on Exchange 2013

· KB 3056045 Nolonger able to use get-mailcontact by target address if the contact is from aconsumer domain (

· KB 3056133 Theactivation time of transport rule is not displayed in UTC time.

· KB 3056413 Smtplogin fails, when the user is from a child dom and auth type NTLM

· KB 3056817Adding “Let me select the message” feature in OWA 2013

· KB 3056822OM:1648848 ArgumentException in EWS API causes CRM stop working

· KB 3060825 TheMSExchangeDelivery service crashes when you receive an email message from aspecific sender in Exchange Server 2013

· KB 3064393Co-existence 2010 and 2013 – Exchange 2010 does not support IMAP capability forID and MOVE

· KB 3068565Exchange Server 2013 OWA becomes inaccessible

· KB 3068681 InExchange 2013 upgrading Server causes RpcClientAccess to set -EncryptionRequiredto True even if set False




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